Monday, November 8, 2010


At Synergy Stables we put alot of emphasis on partnerships. First and foremost, we strive to work as partners with our horses and develop that partnership to the best of our ability.
We also work in partnership with our leasors and boarders for the best care and the most fun and learning possible with our horses. We are family partners and we develop partnerships in the community.

We recently developed a new partnership in the community with Benton-Lane Winery. At Synergy Stables, we're big fans of both horses and wine (not at the same time of drinking and riding) and are delighted that we discovered this unique opportunity for partnership.

Benton-Lane Winery places a strong emphasis on organic and sustainable farming, and they do extensive composting at their harvest time to give back to the land over time. Leaves, stems, etc. have no place in a bottle of fine wine, but paired with horse manure and other organic material, the by-product is a rich compost. That's where we come in. Our horse manure; their organic matter.

So, just when that mound of horse manure was looking insurmountable as we were headed into the fall rainy season, the Benton-Lane Winery truck and tractor showed up to save the day. Ta da! No more manure (for a brief moment) and not only that, our horse manure is recycling back to soil to grow more grass to feed more horses and to produce...MORE MANURE. Yiikes!!! Must be why they call it a cycle. Thanks Benton-Lane. We'll keep it coming and hope you keep needing it.

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