Wednesday, June 17, 2009

About Us

Synergy Stables is owned by the mother and daugther team of Mary Schoenheit and Jerri Gillean.

Mary grew up riding American Saddle Horses in Missouri and has been passionate about horses all her life. Mary bought her first two Paso Fino horses, July del Norte and Lucero del Norte, over 18 years ago in Alaska when they were only two years old. She raised a foal , Moreno del Norte, from her mare July, and the three "del Nortes" developed into wonderful, trusted riding companions and trail and show horses. They are still the force and inspiration for Mary's work with Paso Finos after 18 years.

Mary lived for 34 years in Alaska working and raising her family. She was an active member of the horse community there and helped promote Paso Finos and other gaited horses. In 2007, Mary relocated to Junction City, OR to realize a life-long dream of owning a horse farm. Mary added Little Red to her Paso Fino family in 2008, and most recently she and daughter Jerri acquired Legado, so she now owns five Paso Finos and loves to educate and share information about Paso Fino Horses. She is a long-time member and past president of the NW Paso Fino Horse Association. After a long career in the nonprofit industry, including owning a consulting firm, The Stadum Group, Mary has turned her full attention to Synergy Stables and to running Territorial Bed and Breakfast and Barn, including facilities for travelers and their horses. She is an active community member in the Junction City area.

 Jerri first discovered Paso Finos from her mom Mary and was hooked! Bruce and Betty Reed of Reed's Ranch in Colton, OR took Jerri under their wing and sold her Precious, her first Paso Fino horse.

Over the past 12 years, Jerri developed her horsemanship and riding skills. She has a strong interest in natural horsemanship, which she used with both her Paso Fino and her Morgan. She is a level 2 Parelli graduate and loves using natural horsemanship techniques to create a safe and positive learning environment for both the horse and rider. Jerri enjoys trail obstacle work and gaited riding, and she developed her skills in dressage with her Morgan mare, Phaedra.  Jerri is a steward with the Paso Fino Horse Association and officiates at regional Paso Fino Shows.

Jerri is a dedicated partner in Synergy Stables and owns her own project management consulting business.  She and her dalmatians, Marshall and Meisje, along with Toy Manchester Terrier, Jackie, live and play at the farm.   Jerri is not a horse owner at the moment, but with five Paso Finos at Synergy Stables, there are plenty of horses to share. She hopes to own her own special horse again when life is less hectic.  Jerri  has become very active in agility work with her dogs and enjoys volunteering in the community and keeping fit.

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