Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Show Success!!!

Mary and our leasers Juliana and Lynne had great success at the Gaited Spectacular 2009 held in Albany, OR last week and hosted by the NW Pleasure Tennessee Walking Horse Association.

Some highlights:

Mary came home with a Reserve Championship with July Del Norte and Lynne a Fourth Place Championship in Open Gaited Breed 2-gait. Mary also took a blue with July for In-Hand Trail.

Mary and Lynne won matched pairs, it was the second year in a row that Lucero Del Norte and July Del Norte have won this honor, can they do it a 3rd time?

Juliana took home a 1st in 'Never Done this Before' with Lucero and a 3rd in Novice Trail with Precious.

Mary & Juliana made their off-side dismount and remount in the Paso Fino Country Pleasure class, and Mary brought home the championship with July, and Juliana the reserve champion with Lucero.

Many more ribbons were won and everyone had a great time, but they sure were tired! Next up: Evergreen Gaited Classic in Puyallup, Washington!


Synergy Stables offers private and semi-private lessons for gaited riding and showing through our partnerships with gaited horse and Paso Fino trainers. Periodically, we also offer lessons, clinics, and other special equestrian education activities with other guest clinicians. Please contact us for more details.

Synergy Stables offers two unique horse leasing programs on a limited basis with a track record of satisfaction and success for our clients.

See our front page story for more information about our new Horsin' Around program that gives you a great opportunity to learn about and bond with horses before riding.

Our standard leasing program gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of riding without the responsibilities of horse ownership.
Our lease program includes:
  • Access to ride 2 days a week
  • Use of our tack and equipment
  • Coaching and support
  • Opportunities for trail riding and showing for established leasors
  • Discounts available on lessons
  • Assistance in arrangements for clinics and other training

We have available several  beautiful, well trained Paso Finos suitable for early intermediate to advanced riders. Enjoy the smooth gait, the friendly temperament, and the spirit of the legendary Paso Fino horse. Grooming and ground work in preparation for riding are part of our program. Indoor and outdoor arenas available so you can enjoy your horse all winter long. Appropriate riding clothes required, including helmet and boots with heels. Lease fee is $150/month with opportunity to ride two times per week and support and coaching.

About Us

Synergy Stables is owned by the mother and daugther team of Mary Schoenheit and Jerri Gillean.

Mary grew up riding American Saddle Horses in Missouri and has been passionate about horses all her life. Mary bought her first two Paso Fino horses, July del Norte and Lucero del Norte, over 18 years ago in Alaska when they were only two years old. She raised a foal , Moreno del Norte, from her mare July, and the three "del Nortes" developed into wonderful, trusted riding companions and trail and show horses. They are still the force and inspiration for Mary's work with Paso Finos after 18 years.

Mary lived for 34 years in Alaska working and raising her family. She was an active member of the horse community there and helped promote Paso Finos and other gaited horses. In 2007, Mary relocated to Junction City, OR to realize a life-long dream of owning a horse farm. Mary added Little Red to her Paso Fino family in 2008, and most recently she and daughter Jerri acquired Legado, so she now owns five Paso Finos and loves to educate and share information about Paso Fino Horses. She is a long-time member and past president of the NW Paso Fino Horse Association. After a long career in the nonprofit industry, including owning a consulting firm, The Stadum Group, Mary has turned her full attention to Synergy Stables and to running Territorial Bed and Breakfast and Barn, including facilities for travelers and their horses. She is an active community member in the Junction City area.

 Jerri first discovered Paso Finos from her mom Mary and was hooked! Bruce and Betty Reed of Reed's Ranch in Colton, OR took Jerri under their wing and sold her Precious, her first Paso Fino horse.

Over the past 12 years, Jerri developed her horsemanship and riding skills. She has a strong interest in natural horsemanship, which she used with both her Paso Fino and her Morgan. She is a level 2 Parelli graduate and loves using natural horsemanship techniques to create a safe and positive learning environment for both the horse and rider. Jerri enjoys trail obstacle work and gaited riding, and she developed her skills in dressage with her Morgan mare, Phaedra.  Jerri is a steward with the Paso Fino Horse Association and officiates at regional Paso Fino Shows.

Jerri is a dedicated partner in Synergy Stables and owns her own project management consulting business.  She and her dalmatians, Marshall and Meisje, along with Toy Manchester Terrier, Jackie, live and play at the farm.   Jerri is not a horse owner at the moment, but with five Paso Finos at Synergy Stables, there are plenty of horses to share. She hopes to own her own special horse again when life is less hectic.  Jerri  has become very active in agility work with her dogs and enjoys volunteering in the community and keeping fit.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Facility

Synergy Stables is a small, privately owned, family facility near Junction City, OR, about 12 miles north of Eugene. Our focus is natural horsemanship and gaited horses, although all breeds are welcome. On our 10 acres, we have the family home and a second home that is used as a rental and guest house. Our horse facility includes:

  • Large outdoor, all-weather, sand arena
  • Lighted indoor arena
  • 10 plus stall barn with individual runs (electric fence)
  • Secure feed room
  • Hay storage
  • Horse trailer parking
  • 7 1/2 acres of pasture
We are committed to maintaining a friendly and safe facility with excellent care for our boarders and family horses.


We currently offer 7 stalls for boarding of mares and geldings. For the health and safety of our mares, we are unable to accept stallions. Youth boarders are welcome, as long as there is adult supervision and support for their horse activities. 
Because Synergy Stable horses participate in public equestrian activities, such as shows and expo's, all horses must have current veterinarian recommended immunizations for this area. New boarders must provide proof of immunization.
All boarders and their guests must follow Synergy Stables Rules and Requirements, including signing a "release of liability" before participating in any horse activities, and wearing helmets and boots with heels for riding. Absolutely no smoking near Synergy Stable facilities.
Boarding is primarily self-care at $165 a month plus bedding fee. It includes:
-Hay Storage
-Feeding of your horse 2x a day of your hay and grain
-1 grain bin and supplement storage (hold approx 100 lbs of grain)
-Some bedding (Bedding fee is about $50/60/year)
-Daily pasture turn out 
-Stall with run
-Water buckets checked daily
-Manure disposal area
-Designated Tack storage area

Your responsibilities:
-Clean your stall and run a minimum of 4x a week
-Provide hay/grain/supplements with instructions
-Clean and fill water buckets as needed
-Set up hay/grain for feeding
-Assist with pasture turn out/in twice a week (we work with your schedule)
-Maintain regular worming program
-Provide semi-annual shots
-Provide regular farrier service

Other boarding options are available. Services and price to be determined on an as-needed basis.