Monday, November 8, 2010

Save the Date

Memorial Day Weekend, May 28 - 29, 2011

Synergy Stables is excited to announce our second annual Memorial Day Paso Fino Riding and Training Clinic with this year's clinician, Carmen Michelleti. Carmen is a senior Paso Fino judge, trainer, breeder, and leader in the Paso Fino breed.

Details and registration information will be available in January 2011 on our website. Carmen Michelleti is dedicated to helping build the Paso Fino breed in the West and in developing more opportunities for showing and other Paso Fino activities. Don't miss this chance to receive this outstanding training for you and your horse.


At Synergy Stables we put alot of emphasis on partnerships. First and foremost, we strive to work as partners with our horses and develop that partnership to the best of our ability.
We also work in partnership with our leasors and boarders for the best care and the most fun and learning possible with our horses. We are family partners and we develop partnerships in the community.

We recently developed a new partnership in the community with Benton-Lane Winery. At Synergy Stables, we're big fans of both horses and wine (not at the same time of drinking and riding) and are delighted that we discovered this unique opportunity for partnership.

Benton-Lane Winery places a strong emphasis on organic and sustainable farming, and they do extensive composting at their harvest time to give back to the land over time. Leaves, stems, etc. have no place in a bottle of fine wine, but paired with horse manure and other organic material, the by-product is a rich compost. That's where we come in. Our horse manure; their organic matter.

So, just when that mound of horse manure was looking insurmountable as we were headed into the fall rainy season, the Benton-Lane Winery truck and tractor showed up to save the day. Ta da! No more manure (for a brief moment) and not only that, our horse manure is recycling back to soil to grow more grass to feed more horses and to produce...MORE MANURE. Yiikes!!! Must be why they call it a cycle. Thanks Benton-Lane. We'll keep it coming and hope you keep needing it.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lynn Gallup Clinic is Coming

We're excited to announce that on Memorial Day weekend, we are planning a great Paso Fino Clinic with one of our favorite trainers, Lynn Gallop of Gracewood Farm Paso Fino Horses, from New Hill North Carolina. Lynn has 34 years of dedication and passion in the Paso Fino breed. She is a Senior Certified Paso Fino judge, breeder, trainer, and instructor. Her 2007 Oregon and Alaska clinics received rave reviews. Here's a clinic picture from the 2007 Oregon clinic.

Lynn is also experienced with other gaited breeds, and although this clinic will give a priority for Paso Finos, Lynn is also a Mountain Horse judge with experience with the Rocky Mountain and Kentucky Mountain gaited horses. We welcome other gaited breeds to participate in the clinic.

Lynn places a strong emphasis on a versatile, well-rounded horse suitable for trail and recreational riding. As a Senior Certified Paso Fino judge, Lynn know what it takes to win in the show ring. So, whether your focus is trail and recreational riding or show, Lynn can help you meet your goals. Above all, Lynn can help you get the best and smoothest gait from your horse.

Be sure and register before May 1 for the price of $200 for the weekend clinic ($225 for registration received after May 1). The clinic will run from 9 am to 4 on Saturday and Sunday, May 29 - 30. Auditors are welcome, and the cost is $15/day or $25 for both days. Stalls for your horse and RV camping are both available. $10/day or $25 for the weekend for stalls and same for RV camping (limited hook ups). Paso Fino clinic participants must be members of the NW Paso Fino Horse Association. See website for membership information.

On Friday night, May 28, there will be a Paso Fino demo and potluck for clinic participants, friends, and neighbors at 6 pm. No charge. Just bring a dish and a lawn chair and join the fun.

Contact Mary Schoenheit Stadum at Synergy Stables for the clinic registration form and more information. or 541-232-7702.

Hope to see you there!!!